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What aids and accommodations are available to me?

​In order to receive aids and accommodations a student must provide documentation of disability specific needs. Examples of these aides and accommodations provided in an education setting are (not limited to) :

  • taped texts

  • notetakers

  • interpreters

  • readers

  • videotext displays

  • closed caption decoders

  • television enlargers

  • talking calculators

  • electronic readers

  • Braille calculators, printers, or typewriters

  • telephone handset amplifiers

  • open and closed captioning

  • alternative settings for test taking

  • oral answers on tests

  • calculators or keyboards with large buttons

  • assistive listening devices and/or systems

  • voice synthesizers

A reasonable accommodation is assistance or changes to a position or workplace that will enable an employee to do his or her job despite having a disability.Examples of workplace accommodations are:

  • Job Coaching

  • Visual Checklist

  • Technology - AT

  • Mentor

  • Adjusted Work Schedule

  • Ramp

  • Ergonomic Work Space

  • Cushion Mat/Stool

  • Screen Reading

  • Interpreters

Who is responsible for seeking aides and accommodations?

Education - The student with a disability who is in need of aids and accommodations is required to provide notice of the nature of the disabling condition to the college and to assist it in identifying appropriate and effective aids.

Employment – The employee in need of the accommodation is required to request assistance from employer to meet this need. The employer may request some further information or documentation to implement accommodation.

What forms or documentation do I need?

Educational – Forms that are accepted by various institutions are:

  • IEP & other educational records

  • Medical Records


Employment – Forms that are accepted for employers and/or agencies that assist with implementation are:

  • Medical Records

  • IEPs & other educational records

  • Psychological Evaluation

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