What is the difference between a Certificate and a diploma?

At this time the State endorses a Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) Diploma. With the MMC endorsed diploma students can apply for (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Local districts have jurisdiction to determine if different credit requirements could lead to different outcomes such as Certificate of Completion.


Ingham ISD Transition Coordinator
        Ingham ISD – Transition Coordinator – Michelle Rutan – mrutan@inghamisd.org or 517-244-1211
Eaton RESA Transition Coordinator
        Eaton RESA Transition Coordinator – Staci Anderson – sanderson@eatonresa.org or 517-541-8732
Clinton RESA Transition Coordinator

        Clinton RESA Transition Coordinator – Michelle Bashore – bashore_m@ccresa.org or 989-224-6831
State of Michigan Education Consultant
        State of Michigan Education Consultant – Rashell Bowerman – bowermanr1@michigan.gov or 517-335-3062


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Michigan Department of Education
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Michigan Department of Education - High School
        Michigan Department of Education - High School...FAQ for Personal Curriculum.

Federal Student Aid
        Federal Student Aid