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How can I find good doctors, dentists, and counselors?

There are many different types of medical doctors or physicians.  Doctors that work only with children, ages birth to eighteen, are called Pediatricians. One type of doctor for adults is called a General Practitioner. It is recommended that everyone have a General Practitioner. This physician will help with check-ups and suggestions for healthier living. It is important that a person see their GP on a regular basis. There are also doctors that are specialists. Some of these doctors are experts with certain parts of the body, for example a foot doctor is a podiatrist. Some specialists are experts on certain ailments such as a cardiologist who works with people with heart problems and an oncologist works with people who have cancer. Sometimes the General Practitioner will refer a patient to specialist for tests and possible treatment.

Like the General Practitioner everyone should have a regular dentist. Good dental health means a person should have their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist at least two times per year. Many people stay with their dentist who monitors their dental health and makes recommendations for dental care.

When selecting a doctor or dentist is it good to ask a person you trust about the person. Also, it is important that the physician or dentist selected takes the patient’s insurance.


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