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Would a roommate help me better afford a rental property?

One of the first question every apartment renter has to ask themselves as they embark on their search is whether or not they want to have a roommate, or multiple roommates. Is it less expensive to have a room mate? Yes it is but there are some pros and cons.


For example: Save money on rent and utilities or issues with the room mate paying their fair share on time, the room mate can help with cleaning or these can make a mess, they can be built in friends or built in enemies, they can help with furnishing the apartment as a pro but as a con you have less privacy.

There are two things you can do to relieve potential issues. First, both room mates complete a room mate questionnaire. There are many on online.

Here is an example:

Compare answers and see if the two people would be a good match to live together.


Second, once you have a room mate, it is a good idea to have an room mate agreement.

Again there are many of these agreements on line. Here is an example:

Roommate Rental Agreement Template - Get Free Sample

Roommate Rental Agreement Template. Panda Tip: This Roommate Rental Agreement is designed for a situation where one roommate holds a lease for the property and is bringing in a roommate that will not be on the lease agreement.

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