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How Can I be Safe in My Community?

People with disabilities are significantly more likely to be victims of violent crimes, according to data from the Department of Justice.  Learning safety practices by adults with disabilities and their families are imperative and can be taught.  Areas of concern are public transportation, walking in public, law enforcement and online.


Persons with disabilities are sometimes too trusting and can easily be taken advantage. A step in the right direction is to have identification. Two good sources are either a State of Michigan driver’s license or a State of Michigan ID. Another form of identification is the Personalize Wallet Card from the Disability Independence Group. This wallet card not only contains the person’s name but also their disability information and it is free.


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  Michigan Secretary of State    

  Disability Independence Group    

Another source of information is Autism Speaks. They offer a Safety Toolkit for adults and families which you can down load for free.

  Safety Toolkit for Adults and Families

Autism Speaks offers resources on a variety of safety products.

  Autism Speaks Safety Products

The Organization for Autism Research publishes a free booklet on safety for people with disabilities.

  Free Booklet - Safety for People with Disabilities

Disability Independence Group

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