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What can I do to improve my social skills?

Adaptive Social Programs Providing Instruction, Recreation, and Enrichment(ASPPIRE) is a non-profit company located in Lansing that serves adults with developmental disabilities in the tri-county area. ASPPIRE’s social coaching program began in 2008 at Lansing Community College with one group. Today it has grown into twelve groups. The essence of ASPPIRE’s social coaching program is the meeting. Each week the participants meet with a trained facilitator to learn and share with other persons with similar social challenges.


ASPPIRE also provided classes such as personal finance, cooking, and sexual health. Recreational activities such as bowling and a health and fitness program are also available.


People who would like to learn more about ASPPIRE should visit their web page:


You can find an application for social coaching on the web page as well. After the application is submitted someone form the ASPPIRE will contact you regarding a home interview where the entire program will be presented. There is no obligation to join. All participants must be 18 years old.

Simply Social is a local organization that provides behavioral, best practice social skills coaching, training, and intervention for autism, social communication challenges, and other developmental and cognitive disabilities in central Michigan. The training is provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) certified in the UCLA PEERS® curriculum and experienced in working with adolescents and adults with autism and other disabilities. Social skills competency is the foundation to friendships, increased independence, better outcomes in employment settings, and building relationships  in the community and throughout life.


Simply Social also offers group-based Employment Preparation training using an evidence-based approach in the areas of seeking employment; interviewing; team work; networking; problem solving; organization and time management; social interactions and relationships; hygiene; self-management; and more.


Simply Social also offers job development, job coaching, and employer support.


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